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We now have a Stake pool set up Ticker TBO

“I like to feel that Cardano is more than just a decentralized blockchain, Its people working together to provide a positive change to the world. “


Thursday meetups
Cardano Online Meetup organised by

TBO stake pool.

TBO stake pool operators have organised another virtual online meetup next Thursday 4th March starting at 20:00 GMT but doors open around 19:45. You will need to join this meeting from a laptop or computer as the video does not yet work from mobile phone or tablet. You join the Meeting as an Avatar which you can customise. You may walk around and when you approach a person you will be able to hear them speak and see their video, if turned on. The meetup room is open now so you may connect and test to see how it works. When joining for the first time you will go to a tutorial location. On the left hand side, you should see the option to skip tutorial and go to the room. This is a chance for people to meet friends and make new ones, plus catch up on the latest topics from Cardano. To join the event, click on the link below.

A successful first Virtual Pub Meet-up.

On Thursday 10th September 2020 I attended a virtual pub meet up organised and hosted by Paul @theBlueandorange. The doors were to open at 19:30hrs BST (British Summer Time) and the meet-up to start from 20:00hrs BST. This was advertised as a relaxed event with no pressure on participation, people were welcome to come and go, bring friends and of course, bring your own drinks. The doors actually opened early, I arrived around 19:15hrs with beer in hand, interested to see how a virtual pub would be received. We are in very hard and strange times, making trips out difficult and even something as simple as a drink at your local impossible for some. A virtual pub had the potential to be well received as a location to escape, meet new people and discuss something we all have in common; Cardano. It was great to see people arrive, it didn’t take long for conversation to start flowing. Throughout the evening we could see different people come and go, with around 12 punters in the pub at any one time. Conversation varied from Stake pools, crypto taxing, IOG (Input Output Global), The Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, Staking as well as casually getting to know each other. Some people came along and listened, many got involved, which was great about the relaxed nature of the pub. I stayed until just after 22:00hrs, I enjoyed a couple beers and had a really good time, the feedback after was positive.

Where to find more infomation

If you want to get involved or just find out more here is a good stating place. Check out the links below. You will also find these links plus others on the More Info page

Charles Hoskinson
Charles Hoskinson YouTube

Charles Hoskinson the founder or Cardano. In his YouTube channel he gives regular live updates and speaks from the heart.

Cardano Reddit

Sign up for a Reddit account and get regular updates from the Reddit Cardano community.


Daedalus is a full node desktop wallet that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is the flagship wallet for ADA and fully supported by IOG.

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Cardano Forun

For information on Staking and Delegation, to education and meetups.


There are several excellent Telegram accounts discussing various topics regarding Cardano. Cardano Announcements is a good one to start with or if you would like to ask questions try Cardano UK.

Cardano logo the official website of Cardano. ​


If you are new to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain and would like to find out more about these plus Cardano here is a good place to start. We try to do all the hard work for you and link to great sources of information.